The Rocket

by Phil Motion

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The earliest of Phil Motion recordings with the man himself laying down drums, guitar, bass, keys, percussion and vocals.


released October 23, 2011

All songs written, performed and recorded by Phil Motion (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, keys, percussion) and produced by Phil Motion for UP & UP MUSIC. Mixed and mastered by Jay Jaknunas at Metropolitan Studios. Cover photo by JC Batista. Copyright, Phil Motion, 2012. SOCAN.



all rights reserved


Phil Motion Ottawa, Ontario

Phil Motion & The Easy LO-Fi cuts its teeth on the best rare funk & soul pulling inspiration from one-hit-wonders that never got their time in the spotlight. Reel-to-reel tape, hard-hittin' horns, thumpy bass, gritty guitar, break-beat drummin' and a voice that owns the mic, what more ya want? Bringing together members of Slim Moore and Souljazz Orchestra, this a real-deal seal of approval. ... more

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Track Name: The Rocket
Phil Motion

Well there ain’t nothing like a night in the city
When you got lots of money and not a care
It don’t happen often but when it does
I make the most of my thrills
When I can get them

I don’t break I just bend the rules a little
And walk with my shadow in my pocket
You think you can pick up what I’m putting down
Then, come on this rocket’s leavin’

Yes, I really got to go
And I can’t stay here long
You can come if you…
It’s ok if you don’t

Well, there ain’t nothing I like more than being on the move
Every day is a new day that I’m living
What I need I carry on my back
And make music with my hands

And I let my feet take me
Where I got to go
Yea, I can run fast and I can walk slow
The good life is a mix of come and go
So, come on this rocket’s leavin’


Well I’d rather be up than be down
I can fly this thing myself so I won’t be hangin’ ‘round
And it’s an open invitation to the right sound
Yeah it’s a straight and steady course for a life of rock-and-roll
yea, this rocket’s on a straight and steady course for a life of rock-and-roll
Come on this rocket’s leavin’

Track Name: Down & Out
DOWN & OUT (5:20)
Phil Motion

There’s a hole in my pocket, man
Where the money used to go
And I swallow hard when I think of the money I owe

Now I ain’t no drug abuser,
And I ain’t no gambler either
You know I’m working hard all the time

It’s so hard to get ahead
I said it’s just so hard to get ahead
When you’re so far behind

You know I have to nickel and dime with my sweet lady
And it’s breaking her heart
‘Cause she keeps bailing me out

And now we’re fighting all the time,
Because I’ve fallen on hard times
And I just can’t see a clear way out

Ain’t it just so bad how money can take a person right down
You can be on top of it then it pull the rug from right underneath your feet
When we got it we ain’t worried
and we look at the people
living in the street
Like it’s their own fault
for getting tripped up by the world and knocked down off of their feet
But when you’re living in a world that
makes a dollar off the backs of those who don’t make a dime
You down so low that there ain’t no place to go but down some more
It’s just a matter of time
Being down and out
soon becomes a crime
And the next thing you know well you’re down and out and you’re doing time

The bills are racking up
And I feel my chest get tight
Well I feel like I’m losing this fight

Well wake up in the night
Sometimes I just can’t breathe right
And you know these worries are killing me

Yeah you know every day I’m checking the mail
you know I got some money coming to me
But I ain’t got nothing yet

And the collectors are calling
You know I’m way past due
And I just don’t know what to do

Yea and my whole world coming down
And my head just hurt so bad
And you know I’m drowing in debt


Yeah it’s happening all over the world
People down and out for so long
People down so low
Yea, they down and out

Yeah it’s happening all over the world…